"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"
"Photographs Are Worth A Thousand Words"
"Once You Plant Seeds Of Success, Your Tree Will Bear Fierce Fruit"
"Now Join Your Hands, And With Your Hands Your Heart"
"Be So Professional And Stand Out Then They Can't Ignore You"
"Taking An Image, Freezing A Moment, Reveals How Rich Reality Truly Is"
"Every Experience Makes You Grow"
"Clothes Aren't Going To Change The World, The Women Who Wear Them Will"
"Because In The End, We're All Just Dreamers In An Endless Universe"
"Together Is My Favorite Place To Be"
"I'd Rather See The World From A Different Angle"
"It's All About Finding The Calm In The Chaos"
"People Say That Money Can't Buy Happiness Have Never Paid An Adoption Fee"
"Rescue: It's Not Just A Verb, It's A Promise"
"The Lens We Look Through Will Determine What We See"
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"It's Not How You Bowl, It's How You Roll"
"Here's To Love And Laughter And Happily Ever After"
Blooper Time: "Did That Really Just Happen?"
"What Is Done With Love Is Done Well"
"She Loved Life And It Loved Her Right Back"