"I Eat Goals For Breakfast"


September 2017 ~ Breakfast

In September I started a series of challenges for every month with a colleague where we give each other a vague challenge every month and have to come up with an image or series of images for the next time we meet. September's Challenge was Breakfast, the only rule was that we couldn't photograph breakfast food like food photography.

This is my image for the challenge, I decided to photograph my beta fish, Ansel. (And yes, his name is Ansel like Ansel Adams the famous landscape photographer) I had only one take to photograph him eating his "breakfast"

I decided to composite three of him into his tank to make it a little more interesting. This image is more about shapes and color than anything else. I love the mood or feeling the image gives me. I purposefully photographed Ansel during sunrise to get the glowy morning light through the curtains. This is all natural light using the window and the fish tank LED lights. I am very lucky Ansel decided to cooperate for his session!

Stay tuned to see the results of October's Challenge!