"Our Willingness To Wait Reveals The Value We Place On What We're Waiting For..."

October 2017 ~ Waiting

The challenge this month is called Waiting. I decided to go on a more figurative route than literal. Below are the images in the my series called waiting, in each image they are/were all waiting for something in the future. To me, waiting is not literally sitting and waiting for something to happen, it is waiting and looking forward to overcome a challenge or a dream and making it happen. Those things take time and people have to wait while they pursue something.


This image is meant to portray looking longly out the window as a beautiful bridal portrait. Shelby's wanted her "waiting" image to portray her looking forward to settling down and marriage. The best way I could think of to do this was a simple and beautiful bridal portrait. The way I decided to retouch the image is different then most of my work because I wanted to give it a dreamy light and airy effect. 


This image of Makaylah "waiting" is portraying her looking forward to getting better at horseback riding and eventually competing in different events and schoolings. Makaylah has taken riding lessons when she was younger but they were put on hold until now. She has been working at the barn and taking lessons making her dreams her reality one step at a time. Her goals are very challenging but with her perseverance, she will make it without a doubt.

This image was taken with natural light only in the evening, I love the side light coming in from the barn and the loving look she has at her pony. 


This image is my most powerful of the mini series. This is not a "waiting" image of a person, it is for this thoroughbred horse named Victoria. Victoria's owner told me her story and it touched my heart, I just had to create this image.

Victoria was a Thoroughbred racing horse back in the day, her racing name was Pac The Cooler. This bridle was the one she wore during her career. After her previous owner decided her career was done and took off this bridle, like many horses, she was sold to go on a meat truck which would mean the end of her life. Somehow, her current owner found her and was able to rescue her. Someone found this bridle at an auction and knew whose it was. Victoria's owner received the bridle a while ago and this was the first time Victoria has worn it since her racing days.

This image is so powerful to me because this bridle not only represents this beautiful horses's career as a race horse, it also represents her life. When Victoria raced, she wasn't waiting for when her owner would take that bridle off, end her career and end her life. She was waiting for Lorri, her current owner, to find her, rescue her and give her the life she deserves. Victoria's life isn't defined by this bridle anymore, its defined by her. 

November's Challenge will be coming soon so stay tuned!