"Don't Just Be Another Brick In The Wall"


Being a photographer, I have learned that even though the technical aspect of photography is the same no matter what brand camera I have, the one thing that doesn't have to be like every photographer is my creativity in my images.

As most people know, I am definitely on the more technical side of the spectrum in photography. I have been trying to challenge myself in trying different compositions, using different colors, and experimenting with the way I retouch my images.


Looking back to where I started and the progression of my work, I am amazed at what I liked back then versus now with the style of my work. I love the lifestyle feel that can be a little contrasty, with punchy muted colors, and the images are tack sharp usually with shallow depth of field. This style seems to be a popular trend right now with a lot of different genres of photography. 


Like the title of this post says, "Don't just be another brick in the wall." Although there are tons of photographers around the world, I am continuing to learn how to stick out from the rest and be my own kind of photographer. Yes, I may like and have similar retouching styles as others but I may like it for different reasons and do it just a little bit differently to create images that make them the "Gretchen Elaine Photography style".

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