"Style is a Reflection of Your Attitude and Personality"


A photographer's style can determine if you like their work or not. Sometimes a photographer's style is not as apparent as others. No matter what, it can be difficult to accomplish a known "style". I have realized after a few years that your style is not going to be forced. The more it is forced, the more difficult it is to recognize. While trying to fulfill this goal, I photographed series and projects that I liked personally. From that I have learned that I really enjoy photographing portraits that are a bit on the quirky side. Natural, bohemian, quirky, genuine, and vintage are all words people have used to describe my recent work.

In one of my most recent series "Unordinary in the Ordinary," I have discovered several pieces of the puzzle of what makes my photos unique and mine. I found that in these images that I like to capture raw emotion and show the girl's genuine and natural personality. I like the fact that the images  are not overly processed and show the girls just how they are, beautiful! I have also noticed that some of my favorite images look like a moment captured that is in a way almost intimate. As an example, the image above, she has her eyes closed and does not realize the viewer is looking through a mirror at this simple moment of her finishing a good book. Not all of my images are as quirky as this series, but this was the turning point for myself as a photographer. As a result, I am perpetually going to work on attaining images that make not only my viewers happy and intrigued, but also myself! The key is to put your personality and good attitude in your work, and your style will follow. That is true not only in photography but in anything you do, you will leave your mark for sure!

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