"A Portrait is Not Made in the Camera but On Either Side of It"


Portraiture is one of my favorite genres of photography because every person is unique and different. Every person has their own experiences and personalities. I say it all the time, I always want to capture a person's genuine smile, beauty, and personality.


Capturing that perfect portrait has nothing to do with the camera itself, its about the relationship between the photographer and subject. Whether you are a model, a family, a child, or a business owner, it applies to any person. 


The way I photograph people is completely different that bigger portraiture companies. I usually do not like to pose people in specific traditional poses during the whole session. My favorite images and usually the client's favorite images are the ones where I make the session environment be as relaxed as possible and just let the subject move around and have fun. You may ask how I do this, and it is very easy! I like to turn on music that is upbeat, fun, and popular. By doing this my subjects always loosen up a little and I talked to them before we start. I always tell them that the beginning photographs I take are like practice. I tell them to just relax and that the session is going to be a lot of fun. There is no pressure. Once the music comes on, the first couple shots are taken, and they start to relax and get into it! It is a great feeling to know that we are both having a good time and creating amazing images that really show off who they are as a person! I have learned that by doing this and taking extra time to make the subject feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, I not only get great results, but they always want to come back for another shoot. It is also an amazing feeling hearing from clients that I am their sole photographer and that they refuse to use anyone else. I am grateful for my clients because they are not just clients to me, they are part of the Gretchen Elaine Photography family!