"A Resourceful Person Will Always Make Opportunity Fit Their Needs"

One of the biggest challenges of being a photographer that can be difficult but also fun is figuring out how to be as resourceful as possible. I am the kind of person that does not like to throw things away. I find quite frequently that I tell myself, "Keep it, I could use that for a background or prop." I have found that I am not the only photographer that does it!

Since I am just recently out of college, I have gotten pretty good at rigging up the craziest sets to make it work. We all know equipment can be very expensive! I have also found out that I sometimes prefer my own made up backgrounds than the professional ones they sell.

For instance, I wanted to talk about the image above. Most people would not believe how I photographed these sunglasses. My concept was to feature the glasses in a unique way that most advertisements have not used. I have some back drops that I could use, but none of them gave me a shot that popped. I decided to be a little creative and use tin foil! 

I crumbled up the tin foil to get different textures throughout the background, and I used a couple pieces in front on the glasses to give off cool reflections! When I photograph sunglasses, I enjoy playing with the reflections that come up to make something interesting. I used one light to light up the scene, and the great thing about tin foil is that it bounces the light all around for a nice soft light and lights up the product completely!

Tin foil is one of my favorite tools to create great images, whether I use it as a background or make my own custom grid spot, I always end up with an awesome shot!