"You Are Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile"


One of the biggest questions I get before a portrait session is, "What should I wear?" I am sure everyone has thought that the day of a session! No worries though, I can tell you what works the best for any session you might have!

First up are Head Shot sessions! These are pretty easy and simple. For a nice professional head shot, men look great with a suit and tie or just a nice solid color long sleeve shirt. Women look great with a nice blouse that is simple with no crazy patterns and maybe a blazer. It is very important to wear something long sleeve that is simple so that the main focus is your face not your shirt!


Family and children sessions are a bit different. I recommend keeping everyone in solid colors unless you want everyone wearing plaid as an example. Shirts with patterns can be distracting if everyone is wearing something different but they can still work! If your session is just of your child, the patterned clothes are not as distracting because let's face it, a cute kid is a cute kid they steal the show away!

Now let's say you decided your calling is to be an aspiring model, any and all clothes work for this. All the models I have worked with in the past have asked me what kind of clothes will we use. My goal for these sessions is to make the model in each scene look totally and completely different to show they are versatile in any role. Taking them from urban grungy to fashionista to a picture perfect sibling in a family magazine. 


Engagements and couple photos are up next! For these, I suggest for both men and women to keep it simple and it looks great if you can subtly match each other! It depends on the time of year and what you would like to do during your session but as an overall suggestion, I like to keep things simple so the main focus is on the connection between the two of you!

Now I am sure you are wondering why I chose these photos for this blog post! A friend of mine, Reagan is opening an online vintage clothing store called Soul & Seam Vintage! Her website is coming up soon so keep an eye out for her clothes, these are samples of what she will be selling! I always like the chance to brag about other small businesses and vendors!