"She Sees In Black And White, Thinks In Greys, And Loves In Color"


One of the biggest debates that happens in my head every time I work on photos is: Black and White or Color?

This sometimes is the hardest decision because occasionally I like the photo in both or for totally different reasons. This first set of images of my beautiful model, Emma, has a decade old school feel. I love the simplicity of her clothes and how natural her pose looks.

In the color image, she pops out a lot more and if its about the fashion I totally go with this one.

On the other hand, I am absolutely in love with the black and white because the first thing I see is her face and expression. I love the black and white because it is more about her as a person rather than what she is wearing.

I believe I vote black and white for this one!


This next set of photos is a portrait lit using 5 lights. Looking at my past work, I came back to this one because of the timeless decade look that was a pattern in my style of work. I am seriously torn between these two.

The color one is striking with the fire like colors in the background and her make up. I like the intense look to this one and all the colors in the image compliment the look.

The black and white one is striking in a different way. My eyes go right to hers, almost as if I can feel what she is. The term, "When you photograph someone in color, you are photographing their clothes. When you photograph someone in black and white, you are photographing their soul." I see exactly that between these two images. 

My vote for this one is both color and black and white because I like them both independently for different reasons!


Lastly, these two I found are of Emma modeling another set of vintage clothing.

The black and white image blends in even after I increased the contrast. I go right to her face again, but because she is not camera aware my eyes are torn away from the image much faster.

The color image is bold and pops! I love this because this image is more of a fashion shot for the clothing. Having it in color really makes the clothes and Emma stand out. 

I am without a doubt voting color for this one!

Now out of these three sets of photos, which would you vote, color or b&w, and why? I am very curious to see what you think!

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