"One Woman With Many Faces"


Since starting this weekly blog a couple years ago, I am sure my followers have seen several of the blogs included interesting self portraits. Well here is another to add to the books!

Self portraits, or better known as the “Selfie”, have become such a huge phenomenon especially for young teens on social media. Self portraits play a big part in our society’s social status. Some people use them to show themselves having a fun at a party, show themselves at places they have gone and visited, or even simply just to document themselves at a certain time in their life.


This week’s featured self portraits show myself in a different way than I have shown in previous work. Most of the time, I find inspiration in doing a crazy hairstyle and makeup combo and almost turn myself into someone else. Self portraits that I usually take, I think of as acting. I enjoy them because I can turn myself into anyone I want to be with the help of makeup and wardrobe.

This week I decided to show the opposite. In this session, I wore all neutrals and no makeup. I wanted to show the purest form of me and not hide behind all the crazy clothes I find at Goodwill or vibrant makeup.


I love these images because of the calming effect they give me. Everything feels at peace.

I love hearing from all of my followers what their thoughts are from my recent work. Below in the comments, write what your favorite image from this series is and why!