"Nothing Worth Having In This World Comes Easy"


Just as the title of this post says, nothing worth having ever comes easy. I have experienced this time and time again since starting my photography business and I have to say I am glad I have to work hard for having my dream come true. It is so worth it in the end.

Today I wanted to share an event that just recently happened that took months of preparation and determination not only for myself but also my friends and family to make the event be successful. You might have seen I was just at the Best Wedding Showcase at the Lancaster Marriott Convention Center. It was a huge exciting event for not only Gretchen Elaine Photography but also a lot of other vendors! 


Now I am going to back up a bit to the preparation of my booth set up. The images above are a few from the behind-the-scenes building of my setup! I had the idea of going with a more unique setup for my booth, I decided to build my own shelves that was easy to transport and fit in with my style of photography. I decided to go with wood of all different lengths and stained both stands my logo's color green. 

As frustrating as it was building two of these units, it was definitely a learning experience and worth it. Now after doing it once, I have an idea of different things to change to improve them.


At the expo, I was able to take a few photos and a panorama of my booth. Seeing the finished result of 3 or 4 months worth of work was the most amazing feeling in the world. Looking at the photos I am still a bit amazed I was able to pull this off and I am so proud at how fast my business is growing and all the lessons I have learned in less than one year of business. 

Now I did not pull all this off by myself, I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who helped make this possible. My family and friends played a huge part in not only supporting me but also helping me actually create this setup. I also wanted to thank all of my clients who have supported me by hiring me for various jobs, you are part of the Gretchen Elaine Photography family and I am so thankful for your support and friendship. Thank you to everyone who has supported myself and my business, I couldn't have achieved any of this without your love and support!

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