"Let Me Show You What Real Mountains Look Like"


I have heard time and time again that visiting drastically different places can give artists a different creative view in their work. As a photographer I am proud to say that I have personally experienced this and it is completely true!  


While in Colorado, there were many tourists around and they were all taking photos of the same view. Now even though each of their photos are unique in a slightly different way and angle, I didn't see anyone looking in a different direction. This photograph above was taken at the Garden of the Gods around many tourists. It probably doesn't look like it, but if I turned around to where everyone else was taking pictures, there would have been many tourists in my image. I thought to myself, this image is like a hidden treasure because I might be the only person out of a hundred people to look the other way.


This image was so neat to photograph because I have never tried taking photos hanging out of a car window before. (Yes, I was out of the window of a moving car, I do not recommend trying this at home.) I used wide angle lens and just kept shooting out the window. I love this shot because it is so simple and breath taking at the same time. Back home in Pennsylvania, I never would have had the urge to photograph the view outside my car window. I just couldn't help it in Colorado, it is truly a breath taking state in the mountains.

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