"Photographs Are Worth A Thousand Words"


I am sure you have heard the saying, "A photograph is worth a thousand words." Telling a whole story in a single image can be exciting and challenging at the same time. With every portrait session, my goal is to capture your story about who you are in an image or series of images. Headshot sessions for professional and personal use are no exception!


Today's featured session is Amy's headshots for her business! One of the most important decisions to make for her session was the location. Headshots are your first impression on a person whether it is on Linked In or your website, you want to put your best foot forward! I like to find a location with a neat background that is interesting but accentuates the person and their personality. For Amy's headshots, this garden was beautiful and vibrant just like her personality! 


Besides having a fantastic subject to photograph, finding the best location and background for the portrait session is key to creating an amazing image. My goal is to create a unique portrait experience that let's your personality shine through. I am looking forward to seeing what amazing portrait adventure is next!

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