"I Am Unique, I Am Special, I Am Me"


Hey everyone! Gretchen Elaine here, for today’s blog I wanted you to get to know me personally a little more!

Here are the top 10 things you maybe didn’t know about me.

2019-01-06 11:04:14.717.JPG


I absolutely love plants and have a slight obsession! I have a whole little garden of succulents & cacti in my bedroom and office. Plants have always made me feel calm and comforted, so I love having them all around me when I am working or relaxing.



In the past couple years, I have gotten the opportunity to travel to awesome places like Colorado and Arizona. But something not many people know is that I still have a fear of flying! It is so nerve-wracking preparing to go travel but I still love it at the same time.



Traveling for work has been an amazing experience and I am so thankful and lucky to have gone and visited one place on my bucket list: Arizona. The desert is where I am meant to be for sure. I love the landscape, the cacti, and the sunshine. If I would move anywhere in the world, it would be Arizona.



I have an adorable little mascot who is also my mini me in so many ways. My pup is a Yorkshire terrier named Pebbles! She is a sweetheart and a goofball. Pebbles is 9 years old on May 16th 2019. (Yes I know her exact birthday!) She has been there with GEP from day one and she loves coming into my test shots and sneaking a quick pic!



Since I started photography and I mostly photograph people, I don’t always have a model to pose for me when I get a random idea for a shot. In recent years, I have developed a comfort level of being in front of the camera and modeling for myself. One thing that helps me become more comfortable is to put make up on or doing my hair differently, or even the outfit I wear to make myself not really look like myself. It’s almost like acting for me.



I went to college at Antonelli Institute for Photography and graduated in 2017. I was part of the second to last class for the school before they closed it’s doors and merged with Harcum College. Graduating from Antonelli in 2017, I was proud to be the Summa Cum Laude and Validictorian. I also had the honor of giving a speech at the ceremony where I talked about all the dreams that are out there for us to chase, someone has to do those jobs and make accomplishments so Why Not You?



In the last few months, my mom and I have discovered a new love of painting pottery! Every few weeks, we go to downtown Lancaster and paint for the afternoon. It is always relaxing and a fun time for the both of us!



Since I was 14, I was a part of the Venturing organization under the Boy Scouts of America. I held many positions in crew, council, and area level, along with staffing numerous programs to better myself and other youth. After about 9 years in the program. I earned both Venturing Silver & Summit Awards which are the equivalents to the Boy Scout “Eagle Rank”.

Then - 2012

Then - 2012

Now - 2019

Now - 2019


I met my amazing boyfriend, Devin, way back in 2011 at a Scouting event. Fast forward until now, we started dating and its almost been 6 months! The photo above is a throw back to us as kids in Scouts. It truly is amazing where life leads you!



I have always loved the retro vintage style with my clothing, jewelry, and how I take my personal photos. I love incorporating this style in my client work when I can now that it’s becoming a trend.


Gretchen Elaine Photography, LLC

717.799.7077 ~ gehphotos@gmail.com

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