"The Best Part Is The Reveal"


Hey everyone! I have been asked by many people what my reveal sessions are like after the portrait session. Well today is your lucky day! I have some behind the scenes photos and content on what it’s all about. I wanted to send a big thank you to my amazing clients who were up for some behind the scenes for Alec’s senior session and reveal!


So let’s get started! The very first part, is probably one of the most anticipated parts and that is the reveal of your images. I start every session reveal by setting up on your personal tv or my monitor, a slideshow of all of your beautiful images and of course some yummy snacks to enjoy!


After enjoying the slideshow, we get started with sorting out the ones that you love and choosing products to order. This can be the most difficult part as I have been told because it is so hard to choose! In the end, you get to enjoy looking back at the memories, choose beautiful heirloom products to display those memories, and eat some yummy snacks! All in all, it is such a fun evening for both myself and my clients!

The photos featured today are some of the favorites from Alec’s senior session.

I still have openings left for your upcoming senior session, so message me under the “say hello” tab on my website or send me an email!

Gretchen Elaine Photography

717.799.7077 ~ gehphotos@gmail.com

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