"Happiness Is The Laughter Of Children"


The best sound to hear when photographing kids are the giggles. Every children session I have, my goal is to do whatever it takes to get those kids laughing and smiling. These kids were already so excited for me to come and take photos, they made that the easy part! Whether the kids are excited or not for their session, I manage to sneak at least one good smile out of them.


This particular family session couldn't have gone more perfect! The lighting was fantastic, the kids had coordinating outfits (thanks to Mom), and the kids were adorable with big smiles and lots of laughing. The girls were ecstatic to have their picture taken and cooperated so well it was like a dream.


Now of course there doesn't have to be a big smile to create an amazing shot. This session was so cool since they had an old army jeep to crawl around in. Thats when the idea hit me, do an awesome serious shot without the girls. He wasn't too thrilled for the photo shoot to start with, as most boys aren't, but he came around eventually! He did such an awesome job working with me to get this super serious but adorable shot inside the jeep.

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