"Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today"


"Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today" I live be this quote both personally and professionally. A big reason I love being a photographer is because its my job to make people smile! I have done some crazy things in the past to get even a hint of a smile. From weird noises and funny faces to hopping into a stream and acting a bit ridiculous to get great emotions. (Yes, I have several great stories, but that's for another blog post...)


I have learned that even with my most silliest attempts, it doesn't always work. Some people can still be a bit serious, that even includes kids too! Behind the scenes with this family, Mom and Dad were behind the camera trying to get their adorable little girl to smile or giggle. I swear she was looking at us like we were crazy, but it for sure got her big brother laughing!


This is one of my favorite shots from the session because I was able to get not only great emotion and feeling between Mom and daughter, but I also was able to capture her beautiful smile! It took a while but we finally found a way to get her giggling.

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