Avedon Inspiration


One of my biggest inspirations and photographers that I look up to is Richard Avedon. Most people know him for his people and fashion photography. My favorite pieces of his work that really inspire me to push my limits are his fashion work with the man covered in bees, the woman with a snake wrapped around her body, and finally my all time favorite, the photograph of the model posing between two elephants. These images are solely unique than any other fashion images I have seen. I haven't done anything as crazy as these examples but I have incorporated in my work a technique that he used in many of his fashion images.


I have noticed that in his fashion work, he tried to incorporate movement somehow. Whether it was the model walking or running along a street or stepping off a side walk, to the dress being thrown or blown in the air. This seems simple but it was the first thing that caught my eye when looking at Avedon's work. In the images here I had in mind of doing something similar. I had my model twirl her hair, drop it, and move around to get a similar yet natural effect.


After experimenting with movement, I believe that it adds something special than just a normal portrait. It keeps me engaged in the image. I am very excited to start looking at other photographer's work and see subtle techniques and patterns to try and incorporate them in my photographs. To me, photography is not only about taking photographs, it is about constantly learning from one another and trying to improve our work.