"Maybe it's Maybelline, Maybe it's Photoshop...?"


One of the biggest controversies in the photo world is whether or not Photoshop is becoming the standard beauty product in magazines, bill boards, and other advertisements. I have encountered several times that my work was claimed to have "too much photoshop" done to the images. I think it is amazing that even if I did not touch the image in postproduction, they will still try to find something "photoshopped". In my work, I do use Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Effects to enhance my images to reach their highest potential. The difference between my work and other photographer's work is that I strive to make the parts that I Photoshop look natural and not processed. I believe Photoshop and other post production software are really amazing tools for photographers to use. Of course some people may go overboard and try to fix too much. Personally, I have taught myself to fix certain things in my shot before I press the shutter button. Those things include fly away hairs, fuzzies on clothes, and positioning of the subject. My training in photography has taught me to fix those small things before capturing the image to save time later and no need for as much post processing. I am really for as much of a natural look as possible because I believe part of my purpose as a photographer is to photograph people and things as they are, not as others think everyone should look. I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way and no one should change that. That is what makes photographing different people so special, each one is different and unique!

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