"Keep your Face towards the Sunshine and the Shadows will fall Behind You"

I wanted share a couple of my favorite tricks to use when I photograph people! Light is the most important element in every photo, for that reason, I am very picky on how I light my subjects.

My favorite lights for inside the studio are my Neewer Studio Strobes. They are 300watt strobes. I like to use shoot through umbrellas to give a very soft natural look. If I want a harsher more directional light, I will use a snoot on the strobes. These strobes are great because they are very powerful and can light up most of a room. The photos above is an example of the lighting style with a softer and harsher approach in studio.

Next I would like to talk about my favorite portable lights for all my on location lighting. I have 2 Nikon SB-800 external flashes, these are hands down some of the best lights I have used. I use them off camera any time that I can. I really like to use the sun and my flashes together if I am outside in direct sunlight. The images above show examples on how I use the sun as a back light and my flash to fill in the shadows of their faces. Using the combination of the two lighting sources gives a great natural feeling. I like to use my flashes in the most natural way possible, I am not a huge fan of harsh flash for most of my work. 

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