"Life is a Continuous Exercise in Creative Problem Solving"

Photographer? Or Problem Solver? Why not both?

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that being a photographer goes hand in hand with being a problem solver. I cannot count how many times I have heard "horror stories" of photographers having something happen they were not anticipating or did not know what to do or how to handle the situation.


After hearing other's struggles in the industry, I decided to do my absolute best in preparing myself for the worst. I always pack extra equipment, usually way more than I would ever need. That way if something decides not to work that session, I can easily replace it and move on. That includes extra lights, batteries, and modifiers. Being prepared has really helped make every session I have less stressful and helps keep the mood relaxed and calm for the client and myself.


Of course, having extra equipment is not always going to prevent situations from happening. I usually try to come up with back up plans before I get to a photoshoot. I am very lucky to have attended college at Antonelli Institute for Photography because one of the biggest lessons I have learned is about expecting the unexpected. In one of my classes, my instructor would created challenges with time limits and obstacles and we would not be warned ahead of time. The photos featured are a few of my results from the challenges. It was difficult but also a lot of fun because we had to figure out how to be creative under instructions. I believe that really prepared me for anything in this industry and I can work well under pressure. 


In my personal opinion being a photographer, people hire me to be a problem solver and figure out how to accomplish every image in a unique way. I feel very lucky that I can say I am confident in my abilities to solve those problems!