"When Life Gets Blurry Adjust Your Focus"

The most important part of photography is first and foremost light. Closely following light, the second most important part to create amazing images are having quality glass and knowing how to use the lens. I have several lenses, but my recent favorite is the 85mm F1.8! 

I just got this lens a few weeks ago and I love shooting wide open (my aperture is at F1.8) and getting such shallow depth of field in my images. The photographs featured in this blog were shot with this lens. If you look closely, you will see that my dog's eyes are tack sharp but the fall off is very quick. I also love the bokeh in the background from the trees and sky!

Now for those of you that have photographed a subject wide open at F1.8, you know it can be difficult to make sure their eyes are sharp since the clarity falls off very quickly. It was for sure a challenge to photograph my dog since she was always moving! For those of you who have tried taking images of your pets know that they do not always like to cooperate! Pebbles was pretty good, she was ready for her photo-op!