"Event Photography: Take An Instant And Alter It By Holding It Still"


There are so many words that can describe what it is like to photograph an event. Challenging, crazy, fun, luck, special, and community. Those are just a few that come to mind at the moment. Events are exhausting for everyone running a booth, activity, or photographing it. But the end result is always worth it! As a photographer, I love finding and photographing the raw and genuine emotion in people. I have photographed several events in my town, Lititz, PA, including the Lititz Fire & Ice Festival and A Taste of Lititz. At these events there is this community feeling at the events and seeing everyone enjoying themselves. It is something special to be able to experience this at every event.

Now I wish I could tell you that all of my images are intentional and planned out to a tee. What I have learned after photographing several events, I tend to stubble upon the best moments. I like to call them happy accidents, I was there at the right place at the right time and captured something amazing. The two images below are a couple favorites but are also happy accidents. I was photographing A Taste of Lititz 2017 in June for Zest! I photographed their food demonstration, booth, and reactions from the locals that came to try their food! I love the image with the family because it feels almost intimate since the family probably had no idea I was photographing them sharing some of Zest's food. The family feeling of the image is so strong. The other image is adorable and humorous with the kid looking at the yummy food being stirred!

At events, like all of my work, I really focus on the energy and personality of people. At most events, there are performers that add some extra energy and usually the crowd feeds into it! At the A Taste of Lititz event, there were Irish dancers that had the crowd amazed by their routines and history of the dances they performed. The image on the right is a couple of girls rocking out to a local band! I cannot get enough of reactions like these! 

Like and comment below, which is your favorite image from the event and why?