"Food Is The Ingredient That Binds Us Together"

Everyone loves food, that is a fact. While it looks good and tastes great, one challenging aspect for photographers is food photography. How do you make this food like amazingly delicious?

I like to incorporate two big components in my food images.

Movement and Outside Elements (for example people)

Movement adds something special to each image. Whether you are stirring, adding ingredients, or if its steam coming off the fresh homemade dinner. The movement creates something interesting and makes you want to keep staring at it longer. I loved the images of the shrimp thawing in the pan and the streaks of light falling through the steam and of the chili powder being sprinkled into the pan. They give a fresh and homemade feeling to the dish!

I also used people as elements in the other two images. From the kid looking longly about eating that big pan of food to the cook stirring his creation. Each one make the food look delectable even though the food is not the main focus!