"If You Haven't Found It Yet ~ Keep Looking"


The quote for this week's post really stood out to me because I find that I do this as a photographer. For a while, I would think to myself that I have not been making photographs as often as I would like to. Like writers, photographers can have a mental block occasionally! It can be difficult and sometimes frustrating since I want to create images but I have no idea what I am looking for!

A few weeks ago, I was looking out my window and I saw this beautiful evening light as the sun was going down. Something in me told me to go out and shoot. The quality of light was amazing! If I had someone to model, I would have in a heart beat, but I ended up photographing this tree because it was simple, natural, and felt like a point in time I wanted to remember.

Looking at the first image, it symbolizes a few things in my mind. The tree is like the obstacle or mental block I was going through. It is big, sturdy, and seemed like it would not falter. The light behind the tree symbolizes the inspiration or ideas that I want to reach but the tree or mental block is between the idea and myself. The inspiration is there, I just have to find a way to reach it!

The second image below reminds me that by changing angles and perspectives, I can reach whatever it is I am looking for. Maybe it is the perfect angle for an image or it is looking for inspiration to spark my creativity! This lesson can be applied to not only my challenges in photography but to really anything and anyone in life. I encourage everyone to remember this when a challenge comes up, there is always another way to reach whatever goal you are looking to achieve!