"The Comeback"


So many times I have heard that the “oldies are coming back” and I think that is very true!

There are so many trends that are affected by fashion, style, aesthetic, and many more. These trends can change every day, month, and year!

In photography, one of the trends that has increased along with new instant cameras and vintage style aesthetics is the photo style of film camera effects.


These film effects give the image a more vintage film feel. I have really started to lean towards this new trend not only because it’s the latest fad, but because of the timeless look it gives every image.


As I have talked about before in different blog posts, my style in photography is always gradually changing to fit not only what people like nowadays but also what I like. I have found that I prefer to mix the “light and airy” trend with the “film effects” trend to create a bit of a style of my own.

These effects are not something that social media apps can copy for everyone to use. I specifically create an effect for every session and wedding. It all depends on the lighting and location to create the perfect effect to fit the style or look.


I want to hear from you! What are your favorite trends right now and why??

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