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"Hand In Hand Together...This Love Will Be Forever, Happy Anniversary!"
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"Love Is In The Air " ~ Sweetheart Sessions
"Portrait Products: What Makes Home, Home"
"Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing"
"Turn Your Lights Down Low"
"May You Never Outgrow Bubbles"
"The Comeback"
"Here's To Love, Laughter, And Happily Ever After"
"Remember To Celebrate Milestones As You Prepare For The Road Ahead"
"Every Location Has It's Sweet Spot"
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"You Become What You Believe"
"See The Light, Be The Light"
"Once You Plant Seeds Of Success, Your Tree Will Bear Fierce Fruit"
"Now Join Your Hands, And With Your Hands Your Heart"
"Together Is My Favorite Place To Be"
"Here's To Love And Laughter And Happily Ever After"