"Never Stop Learning, Never Stop Growing"


With everything I do, whether it is my business or my personal life, my goal is to continue to learn and grow with every experience and opportunity that comes my way. From meeting new people to gaining a new perspective of the world around me. Learning and growing is the ultimate goal.


I decided to take a step back and go for a walk with my camera in hand. When I was just learning photography I would go on walks and try to see the world around me in new and interesting ways. I have always loved this challenge because I never know what I am going to find. Besides being an enjoyable time outside in different environments, these walks let me apply different techniques and most times I come back with new ideas for my portraiture work!


I believe everyone needs to step back and be a little selfish doing what they love for themselves. By doing so, I have opened up my mind to be more creative so that I can create unique art for not only myself but my wonderful clients!

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