"Take Me Back To The Nights I Felt Alive"


Have you ever been to a concert and wanting to capture the feeling and energy of that moment in an image? The energy at a venue can be intoxicating, especially when in the very front with the sound of awesome rock music and the screaming and cheering of the fans.

Capturing this emotion and energy can be challenging but I am extremely happy with the results from the 717 show with The Scouts.


This wasn’t exactly a normal concert venue such as the Chameleon Club or Lizard Louge. The Scouts performed with five other bands at Nye’s Kickboxing Gym in Lancaster. Which, by the way, was definitely an awesome scene!

During their performance, I tried out a new technique that was perfect for photographing bands and live concerts. There wasn’t much in the way of lighting for this show. The bands were lit with string lights only. Bigger venues usually have spot lights and other types of lighting during the performance so there were definitely challenges to over come. I decided to use a slower shutter speed to enhance the lighting that was available and use the rear curtain flash to keep the people themselves in focus.

I absolutely love the energy in each image and really capturing what that night was like in a creative way. I have seen other band photographers use this technique and it is truly awesome and fun to create interesting images and composition.


Combining flash with natural existing light is always interesting depending on the subject and location. I enjoyed photographing The Scouts’ performance not only because they were awesome and the crowd was going wild for them, but also because the location was so different from any other place I have created portraits and done event photography. I loved the creative challenges of this event for photography.

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