"I Admire Work And Dedication"


Art is art and passion is passion. No matter the medium, I have been inspired by so many artists. From other local photographers to tattoo artists to musicians. This week is all about a group of guys that love their music and have been given the opportunity to share their passion with the world.

(Left to Right) Tom, Nate, Josh, and Justin

(Left to Right) Tom, Nate, Josh, and Justin


This group of artists call themselves, “The Scouts.” They met in our small town, Lititz, PA, and have been practicing and recording their music for quite some time now. Their second time performing live together was on September 22nd at the “717” show at Nye’s Gym in Lancaster. They have several more shows coming up along with recording more songs in the studio. The release date is to be determined.

I was ecstatic to be asked to photograph there performance and a few portraits before their show on the 22nd. That night, I was able to talk to all of them and really see them gel as a group. The Scouts really are a great group of guys that truly love creating music together.


The Scouts have been such an inspiration from the get-go. From just being a group of goofy guys hanging out, to getting together writing music, recording songs in studio, and booking gigs. No matter what artistic medium someone is into, if there is passion and motivation, anything can happen. I am hoping to look back one day on this post and say, “Wow I remember when I knew those guys when…”

To The Scouts,

You guys are truly awesome, and I am looking forward to going to more of your performances. Keep doing what you love and you will go far. Just remember to do music for you! It was a pleasure photographing you and I am hoping to work together more.

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