"You Become What You Believe"


"If you can see it, you can be it."

Since I was fourteen years old, I have lived by this quote everyday. Whether my vision was to get good grades in high school, make honor roll and later Dean's List, graduate college as valedictorian, etc. I made this quote come alive for myself. If I could see it, I could be it.

To this day, I still believe this to be true. That's how I came to be the owner and photographer of Gretchen Elaine Photography, LLC. I have learned that believing in something I am passionate about can lead to great opportunities and experiences.



My photography is a very important part of my life and it always will be. I love being able to show my creativity with every session whether it's seniors, families, kids, weddings, or events. Portraiture will always hold a special place in my heart.

Because of the passion I have for what I do, I am seeing great leaps for my business in the near future. Part of the reward from photographing people is to see their reaction once their images are finished. I have seen many different reactions from my work that range from so excited, awe struck that they are speechless, and of course happy tears! It is truly an amazing experience.

I believe in providing an eye-opening experience for every person, child, and family I photograph. From the beginning to the end, I believe in providing exactly what they need from scheduling a session, giving them a portrait session full of smiles and laughter, and creating a reveal experience they will never forget.



As the title of this blog says, 'You become what you believe.' I believe in creating the best customer experience for every session.

Having the reveal session has been a huge step in becoming what I believe in and it's a pleasure for both myself and every customer. Seeing their reactions and making ordering and choosing images as easy as possible has definitely been a tremendous reward.

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