"Prints Are Relevant"


Growing up, I was so used to going to our local photographer for our session and coming back to her studio to see the images and order prints. Nowadays, I have heard so many people asking for 'just the digitals'. 

Before, I used to think, that's a great idea! I can post them on social media and have a digital to admire from any technology!

That was before I realized something very important.


I see now exactly why when I was younger the photographers had us order through them and we received prints and wall art only.

Technology changes every single day, we used to use floppy disks, MP3 players, and CDs. Today we use flash drives, iPhones, and the cloud to store and share content. Those floppy disks are irrelevant today and I am almost positive kids right now won't have any idea of what that is!

Since technology is always changing, who says that in a year that those files with your precious memories and moments won't become obsolete and can't be viewed. Those images would be pretty much considered gone.Having beautiful prints and wall art around your home are timeless and can't be accidentally deleted or lost as easily.


As a photographer, I print and create everything in house and with trusted professional companies. That way I can ensure that the color and quality will last through the many years they will be in your home for you to enjoy.

Seeing the photographs printed, framed, and created is an art form. It's not just a printed photo, it is wall art.

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