"What Is Done With Love Is Done Well"


One phrase I live by is, "Do what you love and you won't work a day in your life." I don't consider my photography a "job". To me it's a lifestyle, a career, a passion. I am so blessed to be so busy meeting new people, photographing events, and booking sessions. Despite being so busy, I still set aside time to let my creativity and personality shine. Not every session I do gives me the creative freedom to let my imagination run wild, but when I can find the time I always love the images because it is simply me just being myself.


When I decided to do this shoot, I honestly did not know what the outcome was going to be. I decided to come up with different parts I love about my favorite photos and create something out of those pieces. For instance, I love unique fashion and patterns, reflections, and the challenge of self portraiture. I combined all three into a quirky portrait session. 

I have to say, self portraits can be very tricky to begin with, not to mention adding the challenge of shooting through a mirror reflection. This was the most difficult self portrait session I have done so far and I wasn't sure if I would get any good images. I was elated to say the least after seeing the final images come together.


I am so excited to see what other sessions I will come up with to challenge myself in the future. Doing these personal sessions for myself is what keeps my love and passion for my photography alive. I would love the opportunity to do more creative and quirky sessions like this. If you have an idea for a creative personal portrait session, contact me to make that idea come to life! I am looking forward to creating and collaborating!

Gretchen Elaine Photography

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