Blooper Time: "Did That Really Just Happen?"


I thought it was about time to share a few bloopers from one of my recent self portrait sessions. You can't go wrong with bloopers, everyone loves them! I had such a fun time with this last project idea from beginning to end. While I was setting up and testing, my dog Pebbles of course had to come in to investigate. Naturally I picked her up and started shooting, I was definitely not disappointed!


As silly as this photo is, it is my favorite blooper photo I have ever taken. It is so rare to get such a funny shot like this with dumb luck. All this was is a self timer, a pup with a goofy personality, and of course an equally as goofy owner!


I love being able to share my photography with everyone, even the goofy behind the scene shots like these. I am also very lucky to have such awesome little side kick that pops up in various shoots to help me spice things up every once in a while. 

Comment below your favorite blooper photo and why!

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