"I'd Rather See The World From A Different Angle"


One of my latest self challenges is to view scenes from different angles. Everyone traditionally points the camera at their subject and presses the shutter button. I wanted to photograph someone completely different and create unique and interesting portraits that would make people stop in their tracks. 


Everywhere we went on our photo shoot day back in April, I would look around to see how I could use my surroundings to create something interesting. In this series of images I used reflections in water to photograph Daeja. This was a lot harder than you think because I had to wait to make sure no wind was blowing. If the wind blew even the smallest bit, my images would appear out of focus.


So in the first and last images, I clearly used a puddle in the street to create the portraits. My question for you is what do you think I used to create the middle portrait?

Comment below your guesses and the winner will receive a prize! 

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