"It's All About Finding The Calm In The Chaos"


One of my favorite ways to photograph people is when they aren't paying any attention to me photographing them. I was with one of my best friends, Makaylah, for a photo shoot day. We went all around Lancaster County and Lititz creating portraits. I wanted to challenge myself and create portraits that have a lifestyle environmental feel. I just fell in love with how simple but interesting this series of images are.


This series of images stands out to me because of the color palette of not only her outfit, but also the plants that were in front of me creating the blur of colors. Despite being spring time at the end of April, these images look as though we are in the middle of October.


When living in a world as crazy as this one, I love to slow down and look for simple and calming scenes to photograph. These photos give me a sense of calming and happiness. Doing what you love will calm the chaos around you.

Comment below what does this series make you feel / think?

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