"People Say That Money Can't Buy Happiness Have Never Paid An Adoption Fee"


 Last week's blog was all dogs, this week is all about the kitties! I had such a fun time playing with  and photographing all the cats at Grr's & Purrs Animal Rescue. Just like the dogs, you can tell each one has a unique personality. It isn't hard to fall in love with these sweet kitties, honestly I am about to take one home after this visit!


At the rescue, Greta has many different cats. Some love dogs, kids, being by themselves. Some are very playful and sporty while others just want to sleep all day. Other than varying in personalities they also vary in color and markings. There are many different kinds of cats to choose from.


Photographing these guys were quite the challenge because most didn't know what to make of my camera. A few were curious but most were very cautious. I found letting them inspect me and my camera before we started gave me better results. I had an awesome time photographing these rescue kitties and I am hoping to do more pet portraits coming up this summer. 

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