"Rescue: It's Not Just A Verb, It's A Promise"


I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Grr's & Purrs Animal Rescue in Jonestown, PA. This rescue was founded and owned by Greta Rank. All of the cats and dogs were found running wild or surrendered by their owners in Lebanon County. In April, I visited to meet and photograph all the animals she has, and most are ready and up for adoption.


Photographing the dogs was so much fun because it was a chance for them to run around and play and show off their personalities in front of my lens. Each dog's personality truly shined in every photograph. Pictured above is Ralph, a lab mix, with the goofiest grin I have ever seen! Each pup was so sweet and full of energy and life.


One of the best parts about photographing these rescue animals is waiting and seeing what happens after I share the photographs. I have photographed some of this rescue's animals before and several dogs got adopted because of my images. I loved hearing the stories of people seeing the photos and calling Greta about adoption. Photography is my passion and I love having opportunities to not only affect people's lives, but also these animals. It is an amazing feeling knowing that my photography can make that much of an impact.

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