"The Lens We Look Through Will Determine What We See"


I have been asked many times what kind of equipment I use and what equipment I would recommend for the kind of photography I do everyday. I wanted to share a recent experience I had using a new lens. I primarily shoot with two different Nikon bodies, my D610 and D3. I was able to test out the Nikon 70-200mm F/2.8 using both bodies.


This lens is widely known to be used for portraits and weddings, which is the reason I was so excited to test it out. The shallow depth of field is definitely a win for me, these shots of my dog are some of my favorites because of how quickly the focus falls off. With my ever changing style in my photography, I like to be able to have a very sharp telephoto lens with a very shallow depth of field in my camera bag.


Besides the compression and shallow depth of field, I love the fact that I can keep a 2.8 aperture through the whole zoom of the lens. This is super important especially in low lighting situations such as weddings and events. My least favorite thing to do is to jack up the ISO because I am not a huge fan of grain in my photos. With the help of this lens, I don't have to do that as often and I am definitely loving it! I highly recommend getting this lens or at least renting one, it is definitely on my list of equipment to get.

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