"It's Not How You Bowl, It's How You Roll"


As a photographer there are many locations to go to do a photo shoot. I wanted to challenge myself and shoot at places not many people think to go and think of different ideas to make interesting images. One of my favorites right now was a local bowling alley!


I really haven't seen many photos taken at a bowling alley so I figured this would be the perfect place to experiment. I love the look of this place because it is super retro and totally unique. Vintage retro locations are difficult to find today with many places updating to a more modern look. I have to say, even with such an interesting location it was a bit difficult to come up with interesting poses for a model to do. 


This is the first of hopefully more trips bowling not only for the awesome game but also for more experimenting with my personal photography ideas. After bowling, I don't know why people don't go more often. It was a blast despite how many gutter balls I got!

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