"Be So Professional And Stand Out Then They Can't Ignore You"


In the past several months, I have had the opportunity to photography many different professional's head shots. I have been asked recently if there can be different kinds of headshots and how can they be different. A headshot is a headshot, right?


When I first started photographing people, I thought the same thing. But I have found there are different kinds of headshots for different uses. The images on today's blog of Domonic are an example of an actor headshot. Actors generally need 2 different headshots, one smiling and one relaxed. They are also usually very minimal and simple. 


These three photos above show the differences between different headshots. The first image of Domonic is very simple, no crazy colors or patterns in his clothes or background. The reason for this is because at casting calls and auditions, the directors want to see facial features not so much what the actor is wearing. By staying simple, you are more likely to look at his face than anything else.

The other two images are great examples of professional business headshots. One is in studio with a backdrop for a more professional standard look, and the one on the right is professional but personalized. Both looks can be great for business, it all depends on personal preference.

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