"Taking An Image, Freezing A Moment, Reveals How Rich Reality Truly Is"


In the past, I have enjoyed photographing various different sports; from golf to football each one was quite the challenge. I recently had the opportunity to photograph a friend's church softball game. My goal was to challenge myself in freezing a moment and telling a story with each portrait.


Anyone who has attempted photographing sports knows it can be tricky freezing the scene at the perfect time, and sometimes even lighting the shot. I was very lucky for the weather the evening this was taken. I had beautiful golden light which helped create defining shadows on the players, but also was a beautiful light for portraits.

I though the light also gave the images a sort of ambience for the game. Classic baseball summer evening was the feel I got for this series.


Lighting the scene can be tricky for sports games, but also freezing scene and composing can be just as challenging. When photographing sports, you can't place players in certain positions to get the exact composition you want. I have also learned you might be in the perfect place for a shot, but something unpredictable  in the game and you may be in the worst spot to catch the action and vice versa. Sports are highly unpredictable which is why some people may have a love / hate relationship with this genre of photography.

I had a lot of fun at this game trying different techniques and attempting to compose an image along with the unpredictability of the game.

Tell me your experience and thoughts on sports photography below!

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