"Behind The Lens: Top Notch Advice For Every Senior Session"


As a photographer photographing seniors in a variety of locations, young men and women, and different styles, I have been asked things like, “What do you look for for backgrounds? How do you prepare for each sessions? Do you bring props? Etc.” Today, I wanted to dive in to a behind the lens, what I do for every senior session to make every session one to remember!


First and foremost, I always look and plan for different background scenes for the session to break up the look. Every time the senior changes outfits or adds accessories, I change the background scene to have a variety. Things that I look for that make great backgrounds are shaded woodsy areas, fences, old stairs, bridges, field of grass or flowers, long paths, textured walls, and even interesting murals if in the city. Every scene will have a different vibe depending not the senior, their outfit, and personality.

Now going back to the senior’s consultation, I always like to get to know the senior and their style. Depending on what they like and what kind of sessions they are going for, I will bring several props just in case! In the photo above of Cate, I actually brought the sun glasses and hat and it turned out to work beautifully! I never know what the light or location will be like 100% so I always come prepare with extra items and ideas.


One piece of advice I give to all my seniors, is to be prepared for anything! I have had my seniors bring combs, mirrors, hairspray, several sets of clothing depending on the weather, accessories, and of course their mom to help with hair and wardrobe! Being prepared for your session will ensure you get exactly what you want and will help give myself as the photographer ideas on how to pose you and flow with your personality and style.

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