"It's The Little Things" - Weddings


Wedding photography isn’t just about the big moments such as “the kiss”, “the first dance”, “the cake cutting”, etc. The little things such as decorations, accessories, and special little moments will make the difference between a professional photographer vs. a hobbyist.

The image above is a personal favorite of mine because of the attention to detail and feature of the bouquet and wedding dress. It is such a simple image but its elegant and beautiful.


The rings are a pretty big deal to photograph. I know when I first started photographing weddings, I was so nervous taking the rings to photograph them because I didn’t want to lose them! (I was very careful and all rings have been accounted for! )

For my weddings, I have a special lens just for photographing the rings since they can be tricky given their size. I love the shallow focus which really makes the rings stand out. One of my other tricks is to use natural sunlight to light the rings, it gives them a shine unlike any other.


These beautiful simple moments are challenging to capture but completely worth it. Being aware and ready for these little moments between the newlyweds is vital in creating incredibly sweet images. Creating beautiful images as a wedding photographer is truly an art form unlike other genres.

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