"To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In Tomorrow"

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Today I wanted to take you behind the scenes to learn a little more about me and one of my hobbies. Besides photographing beautiful brides, rambunctious kids, and darling families, on of my hobbies I am most proud of is my mini garden! Succulents, cacti, aloe, elephant bush, dolphin succulent, and saguaro are just a few of my precious plants. I love to find unique and interesting plants to add to my ever growing collection.

One reason I love my mini garden obsession is because owning and growing these plants gives me a calming / relaxing effect. Plants are beautiful, natural, and they unexplainably clear my head. I keep them all around me. They are covering my office, bedroom, and hanging in all my windows.

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On one of my recent trips to Arizona, I got to bring home a tiny baby saguaro (pictured to the right). This is one of my most precious plants that I have. Arizona is definitely the place I would move to if I would ever move to the west coast. I just fell in love with the saguaros, they were everywhere in Phoenix! I loved that I was able to bring a baby one home to remind me of the fun memories and beautiful landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona.


My plants not only clear my head and relax me, they also give me hope of what is to come. They remind me to always look forward into the future. My saguaro is a baby right now. It is about two and a half inches tall at the moment, each year it will grow an inch. Slowly but surely my cactus could grow into a 30 ft. tall saguaro like the ones all over Arizona. Keeping this in mind, I like to look forward to the future with my photography business. It may be small now but it will only grow bigger and bigger every year. The sky is the limit, but I have to be patient and watch it grow over time just as I do with my cactus.

What fun and interesting hobbies do you recommend and why??

Answer in the comments section below and you will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 product credit for Gretchen Elaine Photography!

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