"Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers" ~ Traveling Photography Tips & Tricks


This week I wanted to talk a little bit about travel photography! Different assignments I have been on in the past couple years have given me the opportunity to travel a bit to places like Colorado and Arizona. In this week’s blog here are my top 5 tips to create memorable traveling photos.

1) Travel Light

Sometimes I have caught myself overpacking for these trips! It is just in my nature growing up in the Boy Scouts of America’s programs to “Always Be Prepared” I have learned after traveling a bit, I don’t need the latest and greatest cameras and lighting equipment with all the bells and whistles. Traveling with just my Nikon D610 and 24-85mm has given me the freedom to explore and not be weighed down by heavy gear.

2019-02-01 07:19:41.542.JPG

2) Take Notes

Coming home from my trips, it can be frustrating to look back at some amazing shots and then realize that I have no idea where I was or what day it was. When going on several days or even week long trips, it is vital to keep notes so you can look back and have all the info at your finger tips! This makes it so much easier to share with friends and family about your adventures.

2019-02-01 11:13:36.853.JPG

3) Be Safe

The world is an amazing a beautiful places with friendly people, but there is always an exception. Take care of your safety first before going off somewhere. I always try to use the buddy system whenever I can so I don’t get lost and to keep each other accounted for. Invest in good luggage locks and containers to keep gear stowed. Another great tip is to keep some cash and emergency number list with you.

2019-01-30 12:49:04.963.JPG

4) Think Outside The Box

Many places are swarmed with tourists all taking the same snap shot over and over again. Try looking at the world around you with fresh eyes and get creative! Using elements around you to create interesting compositions or incorporating the locals (as long as you have permission) in your images can create visual illusions and stories.

2019-02-01 07:21:19.823.JPG

5) Experience Everything

No matter how big or small every opportunity is worth experiencing. From traveling to Colorado or Arizona, to England or Europe, experience as much as you can, when you have the opportunity. You will always come back with amazing stories and photos to share with those around you.

If you could visit one place in the world, where would that be?

I will be looking for your answer in the comments below!! Thanks for reading!

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